Jan 17 2014

Crossroads: A Tribute to Eric Clapton played to an enthusiastic crowd on a “chilly” Florida evening at Naples Botanical Garden. The comments about this band were resounding; I heard everything from “He can really play that guitar” to “This band is amazing!” to “What a fantastic night.” The band was punctual, flexible, kind, and most importantly really talented. Crossroads: A Tribute to Eric Clapton was an amazing concert – one unforgettable evening truly dedicated to rock ‘n’ roll.

Amber Erickson <AErickson@naplesgarden.org>

Crossroads played at my Sunday on the Waterfront event (wpb.org/waterfront/sow) which is an outdoor, family friendly, monthly concert series hosted by the City of West Palm Beach. Average attendance is around 3,000 people.
Do people dance or just sit/stand and listen? People DANCE at this event. We have a dance floor in front of the stage where people of all ages dance and have fun. Audience members bring their own lawn chairs and blankets and sit on the grass as well - it's an amphitheater setting.
Did they do both acoustic and electric? Yes, they did both. The band went back and forth between the two types to vary the show and give the audience a break from dancing.
Were they good? Crossroads was Excellent Not only on stage, but before and after the event as well. I judge bands that I hire not only on how they perform, but how easy they are to work with in the planning stages, how quick they are to respond to requests from me, and how they present themselves as artists. Crossroads was very professional, they did not have that, "holier than though" attitude that many bands exhibit, and they followed up with a very gracious thank you at the conclusion of the concert. The audience responded very well to them and their authenticity and I would definitely invite them back for future events.
How long did they play? They played three 45-minute sets, which is my required show format.
I am looking at having them play acoustic during cocktails. Then come back and play after dinner the electric set? In you opinion will this work well with them? That sounds like a very good idea. Live bands can be very loud, especially during the conversation portions of an event. To have an acoustic set during cocktails will keep the sound level low for people to mingle. Then having the full band play after dinner for dancing (both upbeat and slow) will facilitate a fun party environment where people can enjoy themselves to the legendary music of Clapton. You really can't go wrong by hiring Crossroads for the birthday party - I highly recommend them.

Laura Reines
Talent Buyer, Community Events
City of West Palm Beach
401 Clematis Street, 3rd Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Office: 561-822-1522; Fax: 561-822-1525

Individual comments of Carlin Park Amphitheater

May 7, 2010


The concert was great. A beautiful evening and great friends.. Thanks to Lisa for getting this meetup together

May 9, 2010

Carol Ann

Excellent guitar playing! I especially liked his Blues music but the Eric Clapton songs were good too.

May 9, 2010

A former member

The band did a great job! Love Eric Clapton and the Blues. Beautiful weather and pleasant company. Great job Lisa.

May 8, 2010


The band sounded great. There was a huge turnout. I had a nice evening. Thanks Lisa!

May 8, 2010

Florida’s Definitive Eric Clapton Tribute  Band Featuring dual Eric Claptons aka “The Claptones”